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Work from home,


Work from home during a pandemic are two different things.

In the second scenario, it’s much harder.

When social media feeds become obituary columns,

People you know are no more,

The Diary of a Young Girl ' by Anne Frank is one of the most important pieces of fiction to come out of the worst man-made human disaster called World War 2.

Though comparing her forced confinement with our lockdown underplays how much she had at stake but you will understand the context better if you read it now.

Reading books is therapy, a way to escape the ongoing tragedy. More than anything,

Anne Frank’s diary would feel like a ray of light in a night that doesnt seem to end.

You will feel like reading the memoir of a friend who lived throughsomething similar and seeked strength to get through it.

In the process of going through her life, you will feel empathetic or inspired by her and get strength to go through this whole nightmare called Covid-19.

Work is not worship!

Neither worship shapes your destiny.

Work along with worship makes your destiny.

Peter worked all night and got nothing,

But when Peter cast his net where Jesus said,

He caught fishes in plenty.

Hard work with divine guidance is the key to unlock the best version of yourself.


Vice President of BCCI, Mr. Rajeev Shukla while praising the resilient performance of Indians also said, we could have won the match if the middle order could perform a little better.

A lot of people share the same opinion.

In fact, I agree too.

But sometimes before judging the content, you need to understand the context too.

Hanuma Vihari was batting with a hamstring injury.

We were five wickets down.

The next batsman was Ravindra Jadeja who was going through the pain of a dislocated thumb.

Now, let me put a question here-

What would you prefer, Vihari getting out…

Rest in peace, Dad.

I saw my father change from being a strong man in his thirties, and forties to becoming a victim of ailing health.

It was heartbreaking to see him in pain but I always believed he would live a long life.

The reason being a priest once told my dad, man, you will live beyond 90 years.

As a child I overheard it, and it stayed within my subconscious for a long long time…

The human mind is a strange entity, even though you evolve into an adult, some things that happened during your childhood stay fresh in your head.


If you have watched Marvel Entertainment’s Avengers, you must be familiar with Captain America, Iron Man, and Dr Strange.

I am a big fan of Marvel, someone who has watched Ironman to Avengers- Endgame Game. All twenty-two movies.

I have seen the #marveluniverse unfold.

One thing I have noticed about these three primary superheroes- Captain America, Ironman and Dr Strange is-

They process information fast and apply it as soon as possible. In fact, you witness them get better with every movie.

As if they are diversifying their skill-sets.

Captain America became a better fighter with more moves in his…

I lost 8kgs in the past four months. From 81 kgs to 73kgs. And, yes it is hard to melt all that accumulated fat from the body. You curse yourself for living all this while irresponsibly.

Now, why did I decide to shed those extra kilos?

Because I want to love myself a bit more. I want to be faster, quicker, and lighter. And it makes me feel good.

Now, how did I lose weight?

I almost run three to four times a week. I mix it up with a few bodyweight exercises called the “Royal court” taught by Matt…

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  1. Every time I meet a wonderful woman, I always strive to become better. Better the woman, the better I try to become. That’s why great men always advise falling in love with great women.
  2. Love happens just once is a myth, you fall in love a lot of times and every love is a new experience. Fresh and different.
  3. Heartbreaks are over-rated, you will bounce back in style. And moreover, heartbreaks that happened today won’t matter in five years because life changes every moment and you never remain the same.
  4. Career is important, very important. Women love successful men or…

“We do not have enough budget for marketing.”

Have you heard this statement before? If you are an owner of a digital marketing firm or a content writer or a content marketer who pitched a startup offering your services, this statement would be no stranger to you.

In my three years of content writing and marketing, I have worked with a lot of startups both as an employee and a freelancer. I owe a lot of my career to the startup culture. During my freelancing days, my friend and I used to pitch our services to different startups. A lot…

In the business world, there are majorly two types of businesses, and they are:

  • Large businesses
  • Small businesses

Large businesses are backed with good financial resources to carry forward their marketing plans through both traditional and digital channels. So, they don’t have much of an issue when it comes to promoting their products and services; they have all the sources at their disposal. It is a challenge when it comes to small business who have a limited budget. When the budget is limited, the marketing strategy needs to be smart, and so should be the ROI. …

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